Colourize Black and White Photo

Memories are not Black and White, let alone your photos!

Monochromatic or black and white photos provide a unique aesthetic that many appreciate, that is why some of the orders we receive are for a restoration. On the other hand, colour in a photo makes it easier for us to relate to that time and scenario. Also, the colourised old photos are pieces of art because of the creative job involved.

Do you know some clients order a restored in a black and white photo and another colourised from the same old one? Please enquire when requesting your quotation!

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Louis 2
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Oxana 1
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Vintage 11
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Turn old black & white photos in colourful snapshots of memories!

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Photo Colourisation: Black and White to colour

We manually handle the process of adding colour to your black and white or sepia photography. We appreciate receiving detailed instructions and the information you have about what it depicts.

In addition to the necessary technical skills to complete the job, the artists at Futura Photo will add their best personal interpretation of the elements of the image. Our finished pieces are the result of a lot of time dedicated to this particular process that no program or an automatic application can achieve.

Colourisation exists almost from the annals of photography. Still, it has been a long time since images were hand-coloured with paint! Together with the optimal equipment, and the latest in image editing-software, we achieve a realistic picture that highlights the critical elements of the photo with historical fidelity.

Handy Information

While we can collect valuable information from multiple sources, we recommend you provide details. We highly value what you can tell us about the colour shades of what is in the image to get an accurate representation.

Understanding the work


With a few exceptions, the majority of orders we receive to add colour in old or black and white photos, require an initial repair. Futura Photo will first remove the defects and signs of time, use, and storage.

Photo Complexity

When you see a stylish gown finished with shades of blue where before was only in grayscale, it is the result of a substantial number of colour layers, sometimes more than 100! Please, be aware, the workload can increase exponentially depending on if it is a small family portrait or if it is a gathering of a dozen individuals.


No two images will be the same depending on the hour of the day and the weather, e.g., early morning, sunset, sunny or cloudy. An evaluation of these and understanding how we perceive the colours under different conditions will result in a more realistic feel.

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