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Almost everyone can relate to situations when they looked at their family photo albums and thought about ways to restore those yellowed, discoloured, greyed or washed-out photos. Over time, pictures and photographic paper can lose their physical integrity, get stained or scratched. If you feel concerned about it, modern technology allows retouch pictures and bringing them back from almost any condition. At Futura Photo, we have the expertise in bringing photos back to life from a wide range of conditions.

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How Can We Help?

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All of us have photos that have some sentimental or artistic value and need to be restored and enhanced. We are glad to inform you these will look as new and even better.

We have the skills and tools needed to bring life back to your old photographs.

At Futura Photo we enhance images from a wide range of conditions, including yellowed or faded colours, blacks and whites that have gone grey, or marks from spills, stains, and scratches.

Moreover, we can restore photos with significant physical damages. Our experienced professionals can reconstruct areas and repair tears, cracks, missing edges, and creases.

Types of Photo Restoration

For your reference, we have structured our restoration services into four categories. Depending on the sophistication of the work and requirements, the order will fall into one of the following.

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Applicable for images that over time, direct light, humidity, and other environmental elements have affected the condition of the photographic paper and degraded the quality of the tones.

  • Brightness levels adjustment, noise, white balance, and colour (if applicable)
  • Sharpness improvement (make the image less blurry)
  • Leveling up photo horizon, cropping and resizing the photo according to indications
  • Removal of small stains or marks
  • Enhancement or adding edges
  • Conversion to black and white or application of filters such as sepia
  • Addition of text

In addition to the services offered with General Touching Up, we will repair minor damages such as small scratches and breaks or considerably visible stains in non-critical areas of the image.

We perform restoration to photographs and old documents.


Moderately damaged photos where critical areas are affected by

  • Scratches
  • Stains
  • Liquid spills or marks of water
  • Folds
  • Cracks
  • Tears
  • Discolouration
  • Delamination

This level of restoration implies that the image is damaged and will require an exceptional degree of time for the work.

  • Colouration of black and white photos or faded colour photos
  • Change relevant elements of the image like accessories, clothing, or landscape
  • Addition or removal of people or other elements
  • Creation of pictures from individual portraits or a combination of several photographs to form one
  • Reconstruction of features and body parts
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Why leave a photograph in a bad state, when it can be as good as new?

The images you post and share on social networks are moments that are forgotten under hundreds of other stories. When it comes to preserving memories, the traditional photograph still holds great value. Whether you are cherishing moments from your own life or your ancestors, photo restoration and digitisation can mean a lot. Eventually, old photos can be part of your family heritage.

We at Futura Photo can restore photos with almost any type of damages and deterioration. Even if you have your doubts about a picture, you will be surprised by what we can do with our skills, experience, and tools.

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